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Thoughtfully planned service packages

The thrust and focus of DTs operation is the provision of high quality and holistic service in the following areas:

  • Financial Engineering

    Transaction Structuring &
    Financial Analysis

  • Analyse, develop , identify profit making, growth oriented market opportunities within the context of a transitional economy
  • Transactions (sale, purchase, lease etc) including project appraisal and due diligence
  • Restructure each deal to reduce settlement and market risk using its arsenal of local international financial instuments applicable or adaptable for each individual market.
  • Risk management reviews, plans and advice
  • Conduct financial analysis where client requests it and make recommendations
  • Help arrange and monitor companies in need of micro financing and provide supervision supervision and turnaround expertise to guarantee success and payback
  • Product Marketing & Development

    Sales & Marketing
    External Affairs

  • Provides specialised advice and services to businesses, associations and governmental agencies in relation to development initiatives
  • Identify, recommend projects for social development
  • Strategic planning and development facilitation
  • Increase the profile and awareness of our clients if needed through personal contacts, print media, Radio and TV commercials.
  • Develop sales material for training in new financial products.
  • Source out business for the company in the areas of take-over and acquisitions, collections, corporate loan restructuring etc

  • Legal, Collection & Research

    - Legal Advice &
    Collections activities

  • Legal representation
  • Research and due diligence for new and existing companies as candidates for take-over or joint venture, or to advice turn around options
  • Service all debt collections business and proceed with legal recourse if the need arises
  • Provide legal advice to prospective clients as required
  • Work in partnership with prospective on a case by case basis
  • Maintain a full-fledged legal unit to represent clients on demand

  • Human Resource Development

    Resource Development, Training
    Personnel issues

  • Development of resource development material
  • Development of training material
  • Provide innovative training to cover all areas of business
  • Devise a model of Human resource development to be applied to each turn around business
  • Consistently research and conduct market surveys to stay ahead in human resource and labour trends

  • Information Technology

    Systems Analysis, System Infrastructure
    & Software development

  • Ensure a sound IT infrastructure of international standards. Systems analysis recommendation of infrastructure and systems needs of an organisation Rapid Application Developers to provide simple and quick computer solutions for small to large size companies.
  • World class software development for the purpose of designing software suitable for the international market and also specialty software designs appropriate for each geographical location.
  • Software development
  • Treasury Building & Upgrades
  • Operations

    Field Supervisors, Outsourcing Activities

  • Project management
  • Determine method of approach post research and recommendations.
  • Make money saving recommendations, sub-contracting, outsourcing
  • Field inspections for all collateral management activities.

  • Finance & Administration

    Collateral Inspection, Financial Reporting,
    Regulatory Reporting

  • Financial reporting and compliance issues
  • Financial advice on all financial and tax issues
  • Reporting to callateral and collection clients